Welcome to another Tokyo "Tama"

The Tama area is located in the western part of Tokyo.

You can meet such an 'another Tokyo', Tama area where you go a little further from the city center.

The 'another Tokyo' has diverse and rich natural environment, strongly remaining history and culture, many traditional art crafts.

We have opened a hostel here in Koganei of Tama area that is the entrance of another Tokyo and has a lot to offer to tourists.

We are planning to express and send out the glamour of Tama area together with you in this hostel as an intersection of the world's travelling companion and a local community.

Now it is the begging of the journey for such a special time and EXPERIENCEs that only tourists can create.


Give guests real experiences interacting with people, natural environments, history, and culture in the Tama Area We want guests to have real experiences interacting with people, natural environments, history, and culture in the Tama Area, leading to appealing new discoveries in Tokyo

Community-based Hostel - Wild Cherry Blossom HOSTEL, TOKYO KOGANEI


Be a gateway to explore Tama: "The Other Tokyo"

We want our hostel to link travelers from all over the world with the local community, while serving as a gateway for travelers to find unique experiences

Base - Be a base for travel in the Tama Area
Origin - Be a catalyst for interaction with the Tama Area community
Vitality - Make Tama Area visitors and residents happy

Wild Cherry Blossom

The first community-based hostel in the Tama Area

Koganei City, where the hostel will be, is said to be named for "a well of golden waters." It lies along a series of bluffs along the south side of the Musashino Plain, which is dotted with natural springs that give life to a ribbon of greenery known locally as "Hake no Mori." Cultural assets line the city's many walking paths.

The area is famous for cherry trees. The 2,000 wild cherry trees trees planted 300 years ago along the Tamagawa Aqueduct are called the Koganei Sakura; renowned Ukiyo-e artists Utagawa Hiroshige and Katsushika Hokusai were inspired by this rich visual environment that wove villages with nature.

The hostel will enable travelers from all around the world to interact and enjoy experience events, and will host seminars and workshops by people active in the greater Tama Area tourism community

Wild Cherry Blossom HOSTEL, TOKYO KOGANEI Image

External Appearance

Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall

Wild Cherry Blossom - HOSTEL, TOKYO KOGANEI- Overview

Location 4-15-14 Naka-cho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo-to
Structure 7 stories above ground; 1F: Tenants; 2F: Front Desk, Common Lounge; 3F-7F: Guest Rooms
Number of Beds Total 125; (80 1-guest beds (half individual room); 5 2-guest rooms (full individual room); 5 3-guest rooms (full individual room); 5 4-guest rooms (full individual room)
Price Range Approx. 5,000-yen 1 guest
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Wild Cherry Blossom - HOSTEL, TOKYO KOGANEI- Map


Who We Want to Work With

In December 2019, our company, GEN HOSTEL, will open the Wild Cherry Blossom - HOSTEL, TOKYO KOGANEI- in Koganei City, Tokyo

The Tama Area has incredible history, culture, and people, but remains largely unknown outside Japan. There is also a travel movement toward not only going to tourist spots, but also seeking out real interactions and making contributions to the communities people visit.

Travelers are looking for deeper places and meaningful experiences. To this point, there was nowhere in the Tama Area to serve these travelers. Our hostel will innovate so that staff, travelers, and people of the community can enjoy interacting in a casual way.

We want this project to creatively communicate and increase the value of the Tama Area through collaboration among guests, staff, and the community.

The hostel will serve as a "catalyst." We are looking for people who want to share this new challenge with us, regardless of level of experience; people who can help us bring the beauty of Tama to the world.

  • Able to speak English (TOEIC score of 700 or higher; we place as much importance on the ability and willingness to understand guests' point of view as on credentials.)
  • Basic computer skills (the reservation and other systems will be easy enough for someone with a minimal skill level)
  • A spirit of hospitality and ability to cheerfully interact with people
  • People who want to someday run their own hostel or guest house
  • People who want to use English in their work
  • People who want to serve guests while also enjoying themselves
  • People who love to travel
  • Self-starters
  • Positive people with teamwork skills
  • People with interest in Japanese culture and non-urban living
  • People interested in community business
  • Non-Japanese applicants should have JLPT N3-level Japanese skills, or be studying toward that level
  • Non-citizens of Japan must be able to work on working holiday, work visa, student, or other legal status
  • No restrictions on hairstyle, hair color, facial hair We respect your individuality


GEN HOSTEL Company Overview

Location 3-7-16 Shibasaki-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo-to
Established January 2018
President Masaru Takashima
Capitalization 10 million yen
Company Activities Operation and management of simplified lodging facilities, tourist resources